An Attractive Economic Location

Geographically, Sampson County is advantageously positioned in North Carolina, offering a strategic location with convenient access to major cities such as Raleigh and Wilmington. The county’s accessibility is enhanced by its proximity to significant thoroughfares like I-40 and US 421, facilitating seamless transportation and logistics operations for businesses.

With competitive commercial property prices and a lower cost of living compared to many other regions, starting a business in Sampson County can be more economically viable. This financial advantage can allow for greater flexibility and investment in other critical areas of your business.

Major Cities

Cities With Greatest Commercial Opportunity

Clinton, NC

As the county seat, Clinton has established commercial districts that offer prime real estate for retail, office spaces, and other commercial ventures. The areas around the downtown core and along major thoroughfares such as Sunset Avenue and Southeast Boulevard are particularly attractive for their visibility and traffic, making them ideal for businesses seeking to maximize customer access and exposure.

Garland, NC

This small town is ripe for entrepreneurs aiming to penetrate niche markets, offering a supportive community and a quality of life that attracts a skilled workforce. The local government in Garland is proactive in fostering business growth, making it an attractive destination for startups and established businesses looking to capitalize on the agricultural development. With its mix of small-town appeal and business-friendly environment, Garland is an ideal choice for investors seeking a balance of growth opportunities and a supportive local economy.

Roseboro, NC

Roseboro is another city in Sampson County with potential for business development, especially for entrepreneurs looking to engage in a community-centric market. The city's growing population and commitment to revitalizing its downtown area present opportunities for retail, dining, and service-oriented businesses. Roseboro's commitment to community and economic development makes it a promising location for businesses aiming to grow alongside the city.

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