Diverse Economic Opportunities

At the heart of the county’s appeal is its vibrant economy. Driven by sectors including healthcare, education, film and television production, startups, and a growing technology industry, New Hanover County’s diverse economy offers opportunities for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

The county’s strategic geographical location, on the Atlantic Coast and along the Cape Fear River, plays a vital role in its attractiveness for business investment. New Hanover County benefits from an efficient transportation network including the Wilmington International Airport and the Port of Wilmington, both significant connectors for domestic and international trade.

Major Cities

Cities With Greatest Commercial Opportunity

Wilmington, NC

When considering individual cities within the county, Wilmington, the county seat, immediately comes to the forefront. As the eighth-largest city in the state, Wilmington boasts a bustling downtown with diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Its thriving tech scene, rich history, and vibrant arts culture make it an ideal location for commercial investment.

Carolina Beach, NC

On the county's coast, Carolina Beach offers unique investment opportunities. Carolina Beach, known for its vintage boardwalk and vibrant tourism, is ideal for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Right on the county's coast, Wrightsville Beach is a place of untapped potential. Known for its beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters, and a host of recreational activities, it draws a steady stream of tourists and locals alike. This constant influx of visitors provides a steady customer base for businesses.

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