Fastest Growing County in N.C.

One key attribute is Brunswick’s extraordinary growth. As the fastest-growing county in North Carolina, it has witnessed a surge in population growth over the last few years. This trend shows no signs of slowing, promising a readily expanding customer base and a growing labor pool for businesses. Another significant factor is Brunswick’s strategic location. Nestled between Wilmington, NC, and Myrtle Beach, SC, it benefits from the commercial activity of these bustling metropolitan areas and is well-serviced by major transportation routes including US 17 and 74/76. Simultaneously, it maintains a lower cost of living and competitive property prices, making it an attractive place to invest.

Major Cities

Cities With Greatest Commercial Opportunity

Leland, NC

Leland, NC, one of the fastest-growing towns in the region, has emerged as a commercial hotspot. With a burgeoning downtown area and multiple commercial developments in the pipeline, it's ripe for investment. Not to mention right across the way from historic, downtown Wilmington.

Southport, NC

Southport, NC, with its historic charm and picturesque waterfront, is another attractive location. It's a popular destination for tourists and retirees, ensuring a constant stream of potential customers for businesses.

Shallotte, NC

Shallotte, NC, known as the shopping hub of Brunswick County, offers great potential for retail business investment. Its growing population and strategic position as the main connector between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach make it an ideal choice.

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