An Attractive Economic Location

Geographically, Duplin County sits halfway between Raleigh and Wilmington, strategically located for easy access to both the bustling capital and the thriving coastal city. Its proximity to key highways like I-40 and US 117 ensures excellent transportation connectivity, essential for business operations.

Furthermore, the local government in Duplin County actively supports business development. Along with a reasonable cost of living and competitive commercial property prices, this makes Duplin County an economically attractive choice for commercial investment.

Major Cities

Cities With Greatest Commercial Opportunity

Kenansville, NC

Kenansville, the county seat, is notable. Its rich history and central location within the county make it an attractive spot for businesses looking to tap into a strong sense of community and local charm.

Warsaw, NC

Warsaw, known for its annual Veterans Day celebration, the oldest in the nation, also stands out. The town's robust manufacturing sector and its recognition for honoring veterans create a unique blend of commercial and cultural opportunities.

Wallace, NC

Wallace, with its access to major highways and railway connections, offers strategic advantages for businesses in the logistics and transportation sectors.

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