David joined Sun Coast Partners in early 2022 as the founder and integral part of the Carolinas Commercial Team based in Sunset Beach.  He has been instrumental to the growth and development of the commercial landscape in communities across Southeast North Carolina, working as the Registered Agent for the developers of shopping centers, mixed-use communities and residential developments.  He’s served on advisory boards and committees on the local, regional and state level and attended countless council and planning board meetings promoting both challenges and opportunities facing small business and the state and local projects that affect them. Prior to joining us in the Cape Fear Region David directed the Management Services program at Research Triangle Institute and was lead consultant on numerous business development and site selection projects, including work with the US Treasury Department.

He served as the Vice President of Marketing for Oakwood Homes Corporation, economic developer for ElectriCities of North Carolina and later head of his own economic development consulting firm.  He went on to serve as Vice President of Commercial Brokerage and Leasing with TradeMark Properties before making his way to the South Brunswick Islands.