Local Realtor Kelly Stuart Awarded Cape Fear Crew Honor

Local Realtor Kelly Stuart Awarded Cape Fear Crew Honor for Exemplary Work on Provalus Project

Wilmington, NC -

Kelly Stuart, Broker/REALTOR® NC & SC, Carolinas Commercial Team with Coldwell Banker Commercial Sun Coast Partners, has been honored with the prestigious Cape Fear Crew Award for her outstanding contributions to the successful execution of the Provalus project in downtown Whiteville.

Stuart played a pivotal role in listing and negotiating the sale of the former News Reporter building, working closely with Dr. Gary Lanier of Columbus County Economic Development. Her expertise in economic development proved crucial in navigating the complexities of this unique purchase agreement, where the economic impact on the community far surpassed the property's sale value.

The Provalus project, an initiative by the Alabama-based IT services company, is set to breathe new life into downtown Whiteville, creating up to 200 jobs over the next five years. Provalus, committed to supporting underserved communities, will provide IT services for corporate America, generating an estimated annual economic impact of over $3.7 million for the region.

Kelly Stuart's role extended beyond that of a traditional broker. Leveraging her extensive background in economic development, she collaborated with stakeholders, including the City of Whiteville, Columbus County, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, and North Carolina Department of Commerce. The project required a creative approach, involving an interlocal agreement, a successful job fair sponsored by Southeastern Community College, tax incentives, and state support to make the Provalus deal a reality.

Commenting on the achievement, Stuart said, "It's been at least 40 years since Columbus County has seen a project of this scale. Provalus will bring much-needed high-paying IT jobs to downtown Whiteville, thanks to the combined efforts of the community and our partners."

The Provalus deal, described by North Carolina’s Southeast CEO Steve Yost as "the envy" of economic development in the region, showcases the success of collaboration and innovation in bringing significant employment opportunities to the area.

Kelly Stuart's dedication, expertise, and creativity have not only earned her the Cape Fear Crew Award but also positioned her as a driving force in fostering economic growth and job creation in Columbus County.

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